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What You Need to Get a Cannabis Micro Grow Business License

When considering getting a micro-grow business license, you need a few things under your belt before jumping into the application process. We work with clients with the same challenges you're experiencing when they start looking into applying for a micro-grow business license. These challenges allowed us to give them some insight into getting a cannabis micro-grow business license.

After several years of working with cannabis application licenses, we know you need to meet your local state compliance requirements by presenting legal evidence, business documents, architectural plans, and certain procedure documents. These are requirements your local state government needs before they can consider accepting your application for a micro-grow business.

At Califia Gold Consulting, you’re in good hands. We give you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the application and get a micro-grow business license, so you can start your business efficiently. This guide is a summation of our past experiences working with a micro-grow business license that will get you started.

Meet These Requirements Before Getting a License

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Preparing to apply for a miro-grow license is essential. It’s the most crucial part before opening the doors to your business. You will need to meet the following requirements to get a license for your micro-grow business.


  • All legal states that allow for operations through a micro-grow business will need proof of residence.

  • Must have legal evidence of occupying the location being built upon to get a micro-grow business license.

  • Blueprint of architectural building plans to build upon the legal location for a micro-grow business.

  • Business Documents presented to your local state government office or secretary of state office.

  • You’ll need commercial liability insurance in a certain cash amount required by the local legal state. These are for micro-grow businesses distributing products to different parties.

  • Financial forms delivered to your local state government.

  • You need proof of surety bonds through a certain cash amount depending on the state compliance laws.

  • When utilizing transportation protocols, you’ll need to have transportation procedures in place to present.

  • In a micro-grow business license application, it’s essential to have inventory procedure documents in place.

  • Any quality control procedures must also be presented, except for non-laboratory procedures.

  • All security procedures must be in place as well to apply for licensing.

  • Above all else, you must show evidence of complying under state laws for a micro-grow business.

These are the few things a micro-grow business needs to start the application process. There is more to it than simply having these basic requirements available. We want to stress how important it is to follow these requirements and to point out you need to contact your local state municipality regarding the compliance laws for developing a micro-grow business.

However, you can always reach out to our cannabis consultants at Califia Gold to help you get even more organized. We will have all the information you need aside from the requirements above to prepare and pass the application licensing process. We can also help you obtain investment funds to start your business.

It’s possible you can go ahead and do the necessary components you need to pass, though it may take you longer to gather and complete all the information you need. Even so, some businesses that do apply for a license with everything prepared happen to fail the licensing process. Depending on your state, you can pass if you prepare for the obstacles that can block you from passing the licensing application process.

States You Can Start Your Cannabis Micro-Grow Business

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Every legal state is different in setting compliance requirements, laws, and or rules for a micro-grow business. Not all states will legally allow a micro-grow business to inhabit the state. We’ll give you insight on the states you can legally operate your cannabis micro-grow business.

As far as we know, these are all of the states that allow a micro-grow business to operate legally. We will continue to update these as more states become legalized for a cannabis micro-grow business.

License Application Costs to Consider

All license applications will require you to have the costs covered upfront to apply for a license. For a micro-grow business, the licensing costs are between $5,000 - $120,000 depending on your business’s projected or current revenue.

Business licenses in the few states that allow micro-businesses to operate will have different fees. The fees above are a ballpark figure for you to consider if you live in the state’s we mentioned.

In California, applying for a type 12 license will give you access to operate at least 3 of the following activities:

  • Cultivation

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

In Massachusetts, you certainly can get a license as long as you do your due diligence beforehand by preparing extensively. This state will have different requirements which is why we recommend talking to local municipalities.

In Michigan, you can apply for licensing as well. Michigan will have similar license fee costs to California, but different compliance laws on a micro-grow business.

All in all, it’s best to start consulting with cannabis industry experts in the business that have years of experience and education in compliance laws for several legal states. We can help you dissect any confusion you may have about operating a micro-business in these states and future states that will pass cannabis laws or restrictions.

Decide The Type of Micro-Grow Business You Want to Operate

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Each state gives you different license options to operate a micro-business. In California, you are given these options: retail sales type 10 and type 9 retail delivery, distribution and distribution transporter, cultivation, and manufacturing. There are even more specific types of licenses for cultivation and manufacturing based upon what you are looking to get.

In Michigan, you are only allowed two types of micro-grow licensing such as medical micro-grow and recreational micro-grow. For now, these are the only two requiring these licenses until further development of compliance laws are available.

If you’re considering opening a business in Massachusetts, you’ll need to contact the local municipality for the types of licensing you can get for a micro-business. Massachusetts is fairly new to allowing micro-businesses to operate in their state. For now, there’s only one legal micro-grow business operating in Massachusetts.

Start contacting us at Califia Gold Cannabis Consulting to open your micro-business in these states. We will do the grunt work for you, so you can put your other productive efforts into other business operations.

Where Do You Go from Here?

If you are in any of the three states that allow for a micro-grow business to operate then you have all the basic information you need for now. It’s important to follow all the state's compliance laws and prepare everything to pass any state’s application licenses. Contacting your local municipality is a great start to uncovering information that isn’t covered here. But just know, it’s only the beginning. There’s more information you need to pass the application license. Industry experts will have all the information for you. Networking with such individuals will put your business further than other businesses.

If you are not in any of the three states that allow for a micro-grow business to operate then you need to get prepared. Your state may be looking to legalize and add more cannabis business types to operate in their state. It’s only a matter of time. The best you can do is follow your state’s legal and compliance laws by attending or looking into each bill that’s in the process of passing.

Consult with us to get prepared for your cannabis business.

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