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Do These Methods to Find Marijuana Business Investors

In the last few years, we spent time looking at the cannabis market and speaking directly to our client’s needs by finding investments for their start-up. It came as no surprise to find out there are several easy methods to find and attract marijuana business investors to your business.

We discovered you’ll need to find marijuana investors by searching cannabis business directories, attending live cannabis business events, networking, asking around your local area, and starting a crowdfunding campaign. These methods are easy enough for anyone to do at home and in public.

We help start-up businesses find investors to build upon their business goals and attract investors to their business. After doing it for several years, we now want to share how to find investors for your business, similar to how we help our clients do the same for their business.

Most recently in August 2020, we brokered a deal to obtain $8 million dollars for our client's micro-business start-up in California for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail. We closed a $6 million dollar deal for one of our clients in April 2020. With a solid vision, team, investor deck and business plan and pro forma, it is possible to obtain start-up capital for your cannabis business.

Look into Business Directories in The Cannabis Industry

(credit: Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay)

It’s important to search for investors through cannabis business directories. These directories are found anywhere online through a quick search. Directories made for the cannabis industry is better because the directories will show you a list of investors interested in investing in strong cannabis companies. When looking for investors, you can create a list of the best ones you found.

You can submit your company through cannabis directories as well. It will help your business get noticed by investors looking to invest. The more directories you are listed in the better your chances for an investor to discover your business. When you submit your business in directories, keep a list of them.

Here’s a list of cannabis directories:

  • Cannahedge: Start searching for investors.

  • Medical Jane Directory: Start searching for investors.

  • Marijuana Business Daily Industry Directory: Begin searching this directory.

  • Ganjapreneur: Find your investor

Begin your search and submit your business information in these directories. It’s one thing to find them, but to attract them is an entirely different approach. You will need to take steps to prepare yourself before reaching out to them.

There may be a few directories out there that aren’t listed here for the cannabis industry. You can do your research to find more of them. These are the top ones most investors are likely to have their information on.

Why not work with us at Califia Gold Consulting to attract these investors after you’ve found them? We work with clients from all over the United States and we can help you.

Find Cannabis Business Events

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Attending live and online cannabis business events will show you investors from all walks of life. There’s also a series of important information for businesses to educate themselves within the cannabis industry. These businesses attend these events to learn through seminars and network with like-minded individuals. Since businesses are attending then it’s a high probability that investors will attend the same events.

Investors are always looking for their next big investment, especially in the cannabis industry. They’ll look at several companies, so it’s up to you to set yourself apart from everyone else. When connecting with investors, it’s essential to prepare all of your information to pitch them their next big investment.

How many events should you attend?

There’s no set number, but as many as you can every month. The more events you attend then the higher likelihood you’ll find a few investors.

Here’s a List of Cannabis Events:

There’s always an event happening around the U.S. Most events are in legal states you can look into. A place like Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington will have future events, so make sure to plan for those.

Internet Networking

The easiest place you can find investors is to use online networking. Social Media platforms all over the internet will help you discover investors. When you use social media, it is necessary to look through platforms such as cannabis business forums, investor forums, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook if you can.

  1. Business forums

These are popping up every year, especially in the cannabis industry. You’ll need to search the internet for forums related to the cannabis industry. These forums help give you the right information if you ask for it. You may even find a source that has a network of investors for your business. Investor forums are also helpful for finding investors as well.

  1. Linkedin

This is a B2B platform with a network of millions. It’s a strong platform to review investor’s profiles and their background. The more connections you make the more Linkedin will offer you recommended connections you’re looking for. Many people use it in the cannabis industry and more are joining every day, especially investors.

  1. Twitter

This is an in-between business to consumer social networking. Businesses in the cannabis industry are on it every week whether reviewing their interests or tweeting something about their business. You might find investors on this platform if you’re active with the platform every day to every week.

  1. Facebook

Facebook might be more challenging because the platform is more of a family-friendly social platform rather than solely business to business. On Facebook, you can join cannabis business groups and investor groups to start networking.

Social networking can give you a larger audience to work with. You don’t have to leave your home to attend online groups. It’s easier and can allow you time to look into an investor’s background before reaching out to them.

Ask Around

When you're finding investors, you can ask your peers or colleagues. One of them might know of a few investors. Even more so, your peer might want to invest in your business. If you have a large network of peers than you may find one sooner than searching for a stranger online or in person.

You can look to your friends or family members to see if any of them want to invest their money in your business. Many businesses around the market get investment from their family members and or friends to get started.

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

(credit: canva)

Another way is to start a crowdfunding campaign. There are many crowdfunding platforms on the market. The best ones are platforms catered to the cannabis industry. It’s a large industry so you're bound to find one that will suit your business needs.

A crowdfunding platform is a great way to start your business campaign to target investors around. The campaign you create must be unique and provide a sense of change in the industry. It doesn’t stop with simply creating a campaign. It’s necessary to market your campaign online and offline to your network and outside your network.

Here’ s List of Cannabis Funding Platforms

The first two are cannabis-friendly funding platforms you can use. The last funding platform, “crowdfunder”, is not specific to the cannabis industry. You may need to look further to know if they allow a cannabis company to get funding through the platform.

These are the funding platforms we found that may help you find an investor to grow your business.

There's also a crowdfunding education platform, that can advise you on the step by step process to start a successful crowdfunding campaign. Startup has created "The HiGH Community", which is focused on helping entrepreneurs in cannabis and other industries to raise start-up capital through crowdfunding.

Start Researching for Investors Online

Finally, you can start looking for cannabis investors online. They’re everywhere if you know where to look for them. Organizational investors are looking to help any start-up business grow their business to success. There are also angel investors that work with you by investing into your business, giving you their network’s resources, and helping you succeed.

We’ve done the searching for you by giving you a list of investors to look into today.

Organization Investors

Angel Investors

These investors are a few we know about and there’s much more out there. You’ll simply need to look for the right one. You will, but it’s the matter of finding the right one for your business. All investors are different and will require a set of requirements. Some won’t have many requirements and will give you the funding you need.

It’s all about getting organized and growing your business before approaching an investor. You need to calculate the amount of funding you need and if you are willing to give equity from your business to your investor.

You can speak with us at Califia Gold Cannabis Consulting about finding and attracting an investor to your business. We will find you the right investor to make sure you succeed in every way possible.

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